Online istpc2021 school

Dear students, dear colleagues,

For obvious reasons related to the pandemic, we had to postpone twice (2020—> 2021—> 2022) the third edition of our “International summer School in electronic structure Theory: electron correlation in Physics and Chemistry” (ISTPC) event.

In order to reduce the frustration of those of you who registered, we have decided to organise a “softer“ istpc2021 online version of the school.

One two-hour lecture (including questions) will be proposed every week from the end of March to mid-June 2021. You will find below instructions for registering as well as the list of lectures and lecturers.

The calendar can be found here.

Note that you can watch the recorded lectures whenever you want on YouTube. Lecture materials can also be downloaded from our website. Just follow this link

Looking forward to seeing you online.

The organizers: Emmanuel Fromager, Vincent Robert, Julien Toulouse, Pina Romaniello, and Pierre-François Loos.

How to register and receive Zoom invitations?

Just send an email to [replace VED by @].
Your name will then be added to the list of participants and you will receive Zoom invitations to the lectures (see the calendar).

List of lectures and lecturers

Hartree-Fock theory (V. Robert)

Second quantization (E. Fromager)

Correlated many-body wave functions in Quantum Chemistry (V. Robert and E. Fromager)

Hartree-Fock and post-Hartree-Fock methods: Computational aspects (P.-F. Loos)

Density-functional theory 1 (J. Toulouse)

Density-functional theory 2 (J. Toulouse)

Reduced density matrix functional theory (P. Romaniello)

Many-body Green functions (X. Blase)

The GW method (X. Blase)

Time-dependent density-functional theory (F. Sottile)

Introduction to the Bethe-Salpeter equation (M. Gatti)

GW/BSE methods in chemistry: Computational aspects (P.-F. Loos)

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