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Online courses — French Network of Theoretical Chemistry, “Grand-Est” node (RCTGE)

The Chemistry Department of the University of Strasbourg will contribute to the RCTGE teaching program with three different courses in Theoretical Chemistry (see the program below).

The lectures will be given online from November 24th to December 2nd, 2022. A detailed schedule is available here.

In order to register to the courses, you just need to send an email to (replace VED by @) with your given name, family name, University, Department (with the name of your supervisor, if relevant), and position (M2 student, PhD student, postdoc, …).
You will then receive invitations to the lectures by email.

Program of the 2022-2023 edition:

  1. “Introduction to Molecular Quantum Dynamics”, lecturer: Roberto Marquardt (10h course).
  2. “Properties of solutions obtained by MD simulations”, lecturer: Rachel Schurhammer (10h course).
  3. “Chemoinformatics: neural networks and cartography for chemistry”, lecturer: Gilles Marcou (10h course).

Looking forward to seeing many of you online.

Emmanuel Fromager, on behalf of the lecturers.

Note that you can also attend the following online courses that will be given by our colleagues from the University of Nancy:
1) Reduced density matrix theory in separable Hilbert spaces (T. Etienne)
2) Molecular modeling and simulations of biosystems: from biomolecular functions to drug design (E. Bignon).
3) Density functional theory in the solid state: From the exploration of the electronic structure to the modelling of material's properties (E. André).

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