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International Symposium 50 years of Quantum Chemistry in Strasbourg

In 2019 the Laboratoire de Chimie Quantique celebrated it's 50th Birthday!

To that occasion, we have organized a two-day International Symposium “50 years of Quantum Chemistry in Strasbourg.”

The symposium has taken place at the Collège Doctoral Européen, University of Strasbourg (46 Boulevard de la Victoire) on November 22 & 23, 2019.

Scientific sessions did highlight the wide range of chemistry performed nowadays by former members of the Laboratory.

On Friday afternoon at 5 pm, we had a session with Jean-Marie Lehn talking about the “Birth of Quantum Chemistry in Strasbourg: Alain Veillard, IBMOL and our work - 1968 onwards,” and Alain Dedieu shared some of his “Memories.”

The programme of the Symposium is available here.

We thank the Université de Strasbourg, Institut de Chimie UMR7177, Faculté de Chimie, RFCT, Labex CSC, Labex NIE – QMAT & FRC for their support!

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