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About the laboratory...

The “Laboratoire de Chimie Quantique” is part of the “Institut de Chimie de Strasbourg”, UMR7177 CNRS/Université de Strasbourg.

The main research topics developed by the team are devoted to the structure, chemical reactivity and properties of transition metals and post-transition metals (lanthanides, actinides). Theoretical development and methodological aspects are associated to this applied side.


Address Director Secretary Webmaster
Institut de Chimie Emmanuel Fromager Paola Sager Sylvie Fersing
UMR 7177 - CNRS/UdS Ph : +33 (0)368851242 Ph : +33 (0)368851241 Ph : +33 (0)368851306
4 Rue Blaise Pascal CS 90032 Mail: fromagere(at) Mail: gestionlcq(at) Mail: sfersing(at)
F-67081 STRASBOURG CEDEX Fax labo: +33 (0)368851637

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