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Quantum Dynamics

R. Marquardt, E. Gindensperger, C. Daniel

Visible-light photosimerization of a Rhenium(l) complex

Visible-light photosimerization of a Rhenium(l) complex

The advances made in ultrafast laser technology around 1980 have allowed the probing “on the act” of chemical reactions in real time and helped to popularize the arising field of femtosecond chemistry (“femtochemistry”). The development of corresponding experimental techniques and the interpretation of experimental data by calculation of the wave packet dynamics, either semiclassically, or within fully quantum mechanical calculations is not only allowing the chemist to analyze and understand chemical reactions by their primary processes, but also offers the physicist the possibility to study in detail the intriguing features of quantum mechanics from microscopic to mesoscopic systems.

Our current interests range from the very detailed analysis of rovibrational dynamics of small molecules in their ground electronic state to the development of new methodologies to study the dynamics induced by vibronic couplings in the excited electronic states of large molecular complexes.

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