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Chantal DANIEL

Directrice de Recherche 1ère Cl CNRS

Laboratoire de Chimie Quantique
UMR7177 Institut de Chimie
CNRS/Université de Strasbourg
4 rue Blaise Pascal CS 90032

email: c.daniel VED
(replace VED by “@”)
phone: +33 (0)3 68 85 13 14

Publications: see Google Scholar


Research interests

Our research projects cover electronic structure calculations in transition metal complexes with highly correlated methods, electronic excited states properties, reactivity and quantum dynamics. Our research work aims at interpretating photochemical and photophysical experiments and complex mechanisms, involving excited states, such as inorganic photoisomerization, photophysics of metal complexes DNA intercalators or ultra-fast (fs) intersystem crossing processes in transition metal complexes.



GDR “ Correlated Methods for electronic structure”

ANR-Heterocop “Heteroleptic Copper complexes for solar energy conversion applications“ (F. Odobel, Nantes)

ANR-PhotoBioMet “Synthesis, Structure, Spectrocopy and Photophysics of Ru(II) complexes used as DNA intercalators” (C. Daniel, Strasbourg)

Heyrovsky Institute Prague (Pr. S. Zālis), QMWC London University (Pr. A. Vlček Jr); EPFL (Pr. M. Chergui); University of Lisbon (Pr. M. J. Calhorda)

European COST programs: PERSPECT-H2O (Jena B. Dietzek) CODEC (Pisa V. Barone)


Short Biography

1981 CNRS position at the Strasbourg Quantum Chemistry group (LCQS)

1985 Ph.D. degree from Strasbourg University on the photochemistry of transition metal carbonyls

1986 Fellowship for young european scientists from Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences - Post-doctoral research position at the Institute for Molecular Sciences Okazaki on ab initio simulation of the catalytic cycle of Wilkinson

1988 Invited researcher at IBM R & D Kingston, USA working on linear properties of aromatics

2007-2013 Head of the Quantum Chemistry group (LCQS)


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